Welcome to your Electronic Tenant® Portal
Kilroy Airport Center El Segundo

Welcome to the Electronic Tenant® Portal!

Kilroy Realty Corporation
 is committed to providing the highest quality tenant experience at Kilroy Airport Center El Segundo. The Electronic Tenant Portal should answer many of the questions you may have about the buildings' features and amenities, the services we offer to tenants, and our operating procedures. The Electronic Tenant Portal is available 24-7-365.

The Electronic Tenant® Portal also includes links to various web-based applications serving the property. Service Requests, Building Forms and an interactive Leasing section are just a few examples of additional resources that may be accessed through the Electronic Tenant® Portal. The Management Office can provide you with a Tenant Education Memo; a detailed help document that outlines how to navigate through the portal.

Should you have any questions relating to the Electronic Tenant® Portal, please do not hesitate to contact the Building Management Office at (310) 524-6800. We are committed to making your tenancy at Kilroy Airport Center El Segundo a pleasant, productive and enjoyable experience.

About Kilroy Realty

KRC has successfully operated in West Coast commercial real estate markets for over 65 years. We have built deep experience in the region serving its many dynamic economic centers across multiple business cycles and operating environments. Today, we operate a portfolio of high quality commercial properties totaling more than 14 million square feet, spanning from Seattle to San Diego. We serve a broadly diversified roster of industries, including many of the region's leading firms in technology, telecommunications, engineering, entertainment, healthcare, biotechnology, and professional services. For more information please visit www.kilroyrealty.com.